‘Organ Donor Register’ Mural・Lister Hospital UK

Organ Donor Murals and wall stickers for the Lister Hospital.

A year and a half ago we were asked to create two murals and a selection of wall stickers to be put up in Public spaces in the Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire to promote the ‘Organ Donor Register’ and inspire people to sign up to the register.

We have had an amazing experience creating the artworks for the ‘Organ Donation’ murals and wall stickers for the public lift areas, and now after a year and a half of hard work we are delighted to see the work installed in the Main Entrance and Outpatients areas, and ready for the public to enjoy.

The purpose of the murals and wall stickers is to encourage and inspire people to sign up to the ‘Organ Donor Register’ and to get people talking about organ donation and living donation. We wanted to dispel any myths people may have had about who can be an organ donor, to show that people from all walks of life, ages and nationalities are all desperately needed to help save lives. Also to inform people how they can go about signing up.

(Mural 1 : Outpatients)

We were inspired by all the people we met during the project, taking thoughts and ideas from all the different hospital staff involved through to the patients experience committee and organ donor families and kidney patients committees.

We used bright patterns and colours and took ideas from different cultures to use in our designs to create multicultural and inclusive illustrations. Our hope is that people will see themselves in the characters we have created and be inspired to sign up and share their choice with their families to help save more lives in the future.

We hope that as many people as possible get to see the mural for real and that they will make a real difference to the lives of lots of people. We would like to share with you some of the thoughts and comments we have had about the mural from other people who were an important part of the ‘Organ Donor’ murals process.

(Mural 2 : Main Corridor)

Commenting on the mural, Trust consultant in anaesthesia and critical care, Dr Jon Bramall said:

“In the last year, 14 families have bravely supported their loved ones, who have passed away at the Lister, in donating their organs. This has meant that 37 people have received a life-saving transplant, turning an end for one family into a new beginning for another.

“Like the rest of the UK, there is a shortage of donors in Hertfordshire, particularly from people from minority ethnic backgrounds – so we’re hoping the murals will help raise awareness of the importance of organ donation for everyone who sees them.”

In Hertfordshire, there are over 160 people currently who are in need of an organ transplant. Since 2012, sadly 49 individuals have died without getting the transplant they needed.

Fiona Loud, policy director for the British Kidney Patient Association, said:

“Organ donation is the greatest gift one person can give to another, often at a time of much sadness, which is why recognition for such selfless contributions is so important. This wonderful mural near the entrance to the hospital is a memorial, a tribute and a reminder for those who pass through. I am delighted to be able to launch it on World Kidney Day as a sign of hope and admiration for all.”

The project was funded jointly by the Trust’s organ donor committee and the Lister Kidney Patients Association (LAKPA).

Kirit Modi, a committee member at LAPKA, said:

“There is a desperate need for more people to donate their kidneys, both as a living and deceased donor. LAKPA is urging all adults not registered on the Organ Donor Register to consider doing so, and to talk about their decision with their close relatives. As a charity run by patients and carers, we know the daily challenges patients face waiting for a transplant. Donating an organ can transform the quality of somebody’s life.”


Visit www.organdonation.nhs.uk

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