‘About Times’ #001 – Magazine Illustration

The ‘About Times’ news is a new journal written, illustrated and created entirely by women for everyone.

The clear focus for this journal was to create a space for dialogue; no matter how difficult, in order to affect change where possible. No matter how small. We wanted to create a space for women’s voices. All women’s voices. Ones which we’ll agree with, which make us square our shoulders, make us walk taller. From our people. And from others which challenge us, ask difficult questions, make us uncomfortable. But which help us to see how other people seeWe loved illustrating this female centric newsroom for the first issue of ‘About Times’

When we were asked to create an illustration for their first edition, we wanted to create an inclusive image that showed the diversity of women just waiting to be given a more prominent voice in todays media.

To create the image I (Sas) drew the newsroom first and then Yoshie and I both drew a selection of the characters each. Once the image was finished Yoshie added Manga screen tones in B/W and greys to create a newspaper feel.

We hope you love our illustration and getting to hear the voices of so many amazing women just bursting to tell their story.

For any enquiries or new design commissions, please email Sarah – sas@sasandyosh.com.