Here is a short guide to how we work as a team and with clients.

As Sas and Yosh is a collaborative design team we both work on all of our patterns and designs.

This is the most exciting element of our work, and something that sets us apart from other designers.

We enjoy seeing what we each create with one another’s illustrations, and we pass work back and forth throughout the project’s development stages allowing us both to bring something different to the end design.

We start the design process by talking to the client and then both creating several hand draw illustrations.

These are then scanned so that we can begin creating digital patterns or designs from the original artwork.

When we have created sample designs we liaise with the client again, reviewing initial illustrations and designs, making changes and discussing colour palettes etc.

This process continues through to the creation of final designs.

We enjoy the challenge of meeting the client’s vision and creating work that meets their needs whilst still embodying our house style.

We always produce hand created drawings / artwork as opposed to vector illustrations. Favoured media includes pencil and fine pen, silk inks and paint, and sometimes collage.

We then use this initial work to create digital outcomes in Photoshop.

Final images are supplied as high resolution digital documents or in the form of digitally printed products ( e.g. Textiles / Wallpapers). We are happy to produce illustrations for web, magazines, textiles (interiors and fashion), wallpaper, stationary, art prints/posters, logos and branding.

Or anything else you might need!

Please CONTACT US if you wish to work with us.

We look forward to hearing from you about exciting new commissions and happy collaboration work!