Picture Book : : ‘Yoshie Fondre’ by YOSHIE

yoshie-fondre-cover-web‘Yoshie Fondre’ written & illustrated by YOSHIE.

Published 2006 by PREVISION inc, Japan.

104 pages. Format : 19.8 x 17 cm. Written in Japanese.
ISBN : 4-04-894058-9


(Above) ‘Theory of Evolution’

Since he does everything for her, she has no need for her own hands and feet.


(Above) ‘Gardening’

My adorable Doggie is dead.

So I buried his bones in the garden and I give him water everyday.

For one day, he might just grow back!


(Above) ‘Sweets’

Someone should unknowingly just eat it all.

Only they may wrinkle their face from the bitterness, of where I am.


(Above) ‘Quibble’

It’s not that I was interested in you. You just seemed nice to wrap myself around.

I only licked you because you had your face in front of mine.

It’s not that I felt jealous of her. She was just in my way, so I decided to bite her.


(Above) ‘Travel around the world’

Next, I think I’m going to go to that continent.

Gee big brother, you’re incredible. I want to be just like you.

Well, traveling the world really does open your mind. You should grow up soon too.


(Above) ‘Tropical oasis’

Joining a flashy assembly, wanting to stand out himself,

he thought to himself  ”Wouldn’t I have stood out if I didn’t come here?”


(Above) ‘The moon lit night and the block of notepaper’

The owl and rooster have been exchanging letters for 3 years now.

They are great friends and they always tell each other that they should go out together.

Since they’ve only seen each others’ sleeping face.


(Above) ‘The future celebrated photographer’

Again today, she enthusiastically takes pictures of the sky.

Though her mother always warns her that she should watch her steps.


(Above) ‘The walking flower shop’

To earn a living, he’s sold his feathers.

The peacock, to earn a living, has started a flower shop.


(Above) ‘The gorgeous river’

I wish I could drift off just like this.

With so many girls hoping dearly for, there seems to be no space to flow.

( All translation by Sean F.)

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