‘Giidoro and Marenkaren’ by Yoshie – Picture Book

‘Giidoro and Marenkaren’ by Yoshie (Sas and Yosh).

Published 2009 by Skyfish Graphix Inc, Japan.

30 pages. Format : 21.3 x 26 cm. Written in Japanese.
ISBN : 978-4-901378-28-4 C0770

Are you with me? Are you really listening to me? I have so much more to tell you about!’

A story about an evil and a very kind girl, and their sweet & sad relationship.








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As both Sas (Sarah Bellisario) and Yosh (Yoshie Allan) are published picture book authors, we are always happy to hear from you about any new picture book commissions or exciting collaborations you might wish us to work on with you.

We can illustrate for book cover design, Y/A and young reader chapter books or children’s picture books,  Sas and Yosh work individually as artists or collaborativelly depending on needs or desired look of the project.

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