Binstallations in Hitchin!


Our wonderful friend Rachel Campbell has been working hard on trying to cut down waste discarded in and around our home town centre and local beauty spots.

‘Binstallations’ are being sponsored by businesses in Hitching and feature individual designs in bright colours – including our Flamingo ‘Paradise Parade’ design which will be placed outside the ‘Radcliffe’ Pub where the same wallpaper is used as decoration.

Rachel said: “Litter is depressing, bad for the environment, encourages rats to breed and costs a fortune to clear – money which could be spent elsewhere on doing real good. Our aim is to encourage everyone to use the bins by being a bit unconventional and creating something out of the ordinary.

“Too many anti-litter messages are stuffy and authoritative but I’m determined to do things differently. So we’ve ‘up-cycled’ some old, used black bin shells and with the help of businesses, designers and artists given them a new lease of life.”